Crest Energy Services

Crest is a business focused on providing oil and gas technology-rich services to the national oil companies and other operators in the Middle East and North Africa ("MENA").

During 2011, Crest started operations in Saudi Arabia, which is considered among the most difficult, yet most valuable, markets to penetrate. Crest's current commercial activity centres on providing nitrogen-purging services to several customers in Saudi Arabia for major pipeline infrastructure purging.

Nitrogen purging

Pipelines are regularly inspected for flaws using automated and instrumented pipeline 'pigs', which are able to detect areas that need repair due to corrosion or erosion. Should any 'hot-work' repair activity be required (such as welding or grinding), it is essential for the pipeline section to be isolated and purged with nitrogen. Nitrogen is an inert gas and a pipeline filled with nitrogen can be welded in safety. In addition, when new pipelines are commissioned by chemical cleaning after initial welding, sections of the pipeline are then purged with nitrogen.

In oilfield infrastructure maintenance, nitrogen is usually supplied in one of two forms. Nitrogen can be transported to location in liquid form (so-called 'cryogenic nitrogen'). In regions such as the United States or Europe, this is an efficient method of supply since cryogenic nitrogen has many industrial uses and is relatively cost-effective. Alternatively, in remote and hot locations, it is usually less cost-effective to transport cryogenic nitrogen as some boils off in transit and it can be difficult to cross rough terrain using bulky trailers. In such regions, it is far more cost-effective to generate nitrogen in-situ using membrane nitrogen-generation units. Saudi Arabia is a country where in-situ generation is a far more attractive solution.

Crest provides nitrogen-purging services in Saudi Arabia using membrane nitrogen-generation units. Crest also provides the associated compression equipment and personnel.


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